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The One - Chronicle of a Crime

"Are the "saints" really what they look like behind the scenes? Angela & Fotis have always had a dream: writing a book about the life of Andreas Chrysovergis, the mythical leader of Greece who was murdered.
Thirty years after his death, they make it. Everything seems fine until Angela travels to Athens so they work and meet the dead Leader's family. Day after day the project gets harder and trickier.
Does the family have a secret agenda? Why? And who killed "The One", the mighty Andreas Chrysovergis?

The One - Filming a Crime

The Chrysovergis have fulfilled their mission.
Now, they have to deal with the consequences.
Angela's and Fotis's book is becoming a movie by the acclaimed scriptwriter Grace MacFarland and the renowned director Scott Dalmore.
They offer their help. Or they might just be helping the Chrysovergis walk away with their actions. As the filming of the much-expected movie, "The One", goes on and September comes closer, the Chrysovergis will have to get things right; before they get off course.

The Fairy Tales Grown Up

A mysterious oracle follows the birth of a girl. As she grows up, it becomes obvious she’s a gifted girl meant to fulfill a challenging destiny.
The people of a country suffer under foreign occupation; till a brave girl decides to change this.
A devious betrayal costs lives; but a man's commitment to avenge it triggers unforeseen events.
"The Lake Woman" stalks the mind of a young man.


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